Larissa, you must have gotten a new router—-or you did all the work and then uploaded it at a wifi hotspot! 🙂

I’m just going to brainstorm random things that you may have already thought of: I noticed that you didn’t use random assembly for creative ideas. What conclusions did you come up with for the placement of the elements? What permaculture types of play would kids have? Climbing trees? Sand box/Dirt pile? Is she set on plastic play equipment? I wonder if you sunk a culvert in the creek if water would fill it? That’s what our neighbor did for 30 years up here on the mountain with so much seepage from the glacial run off. Did you look for how much sun those orchard trees would need? Looks like they would get mostly evening sun, right? How long does the snow stay where the orchard or garden might be? What zone does that make it? Zone 2 or 1?

I just went back to look at your elements picture (assignment from Week 3) and couldn’t find it. It just said you were having issues with it. Looks like I didn’t follow up, sorry. I would like to see what you came up with for the connection between your elements. It will help me make more sense of your table that you posted this week. I didn’t understand some of the elements you listed since you should have 3 functions for every element. Here’s a review on Elements/Functions:

I DID find pictures of your property and it LOOKS like (can’t really tell) that there are also quite a few cottonwood trees (the big ones drink 900 gallons of water a day!) So if you can see the pattern of the cotton woods, you may be able to find the creek bed. And they are drinking from deep down.

Did I see that she is stacking wood into raised bed boxes? Interesting. My hugel kultur bed is in it’s second summer and I didn’t water it (too busy) and it’s not doing well even though it’s in a wet spot. It needs LOTS of nitrogen, so suggesting they collect pee is a really good idea. I just don’t pee enough to use it all over the garden AND my hugel kultur. They might have enough if they aren’t using their pee for anything else. So, just warn them—plant beans or peas or other nitrogen fixers for a couple of years.

You wanted a view block from the neighbor’s, right? Is that the orchard? Is that the best place for an orchard to be? Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to water them?

Didn’t you say that they are LDS? That means they are required to have all sorts of food storage. Where are they storing it? Do they know about Pyrah’s Peak processing place just for Mormons? (I think).

I’ll probably have more feedback when I wake up in the night. I’ll try to keep a pencil by my bed so I can remember what I thought of!

We want our clients to have the best design, so everyone, chime in! What do the rest of you think? Collaboration is key here.

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